Robert Wells Voices of the South China Sea


“Good to see one of my former UCLA students succeed in the U.S. Navy, the White House and now with his effort bringing to life new history that describes how Chinese emigrants in the post-civil war era got to San Francisco to begin their contributions to America. This well told story has it all-the story of two peoples, life at sea and treasure. A good yarn.”
Robert Dallek, Presidential Historian

“Captain Bob Wells’ research has produced an important story on how the Chinese emigrants arrived in San Francisco to provide the essential skills needed for the nation’s and my home state of Wyoming’s successful growth as railroad workers. Bob’s well researched story contributes to our understanding of the Chinese contribution and for me, adds important perspective to Wyoming’s history along those same railroad lines that I used to walk along in my youth.”
Dick Cheney, Former Vice President of the U.S.

“It is the greatest maritime disaster in Chinese-American history. In the West, it’s an untold story, but in China it marks a potent reminder of the country’s first embrace of the American dream, a moment that – even today – mingles a sense of promise with the pang of grief. The wreck of the SS Japan lies in an area of enormous geo-political and military sensitivity, but we believe that its discovery and recovery provides an important opportunity for dialogue between the two greatest powers in the world. There are forgotten voices at the bottom of the South China Sea…now is the time for them to speak.”
Jason Williams, Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer of Treasure Quest
President, JWM Productions

“This gripping historical account brings to life the long-forgotten details of the tragic and fiery loss of the S.S. Japan, those who sailed aboard her, and the deepest underwater treasure salvage operation of its day. We live for stories like these. The real treasure here is that Bob has discovered a new underwater cultural heritage site in the South China Sea for both the U.S. and China to honor.”
Mark Gordon, President, Odyssey Marine Exploration

“Voices is a history-making story about one of the ships and its tragedy at the center of the transport and human trafficking of Chinese Women brought to San Francisco’s Chinatown and the interior west to serve as prostitutes. It is the authentic voice of a deeply researched piece of little known history that describes how the Chinese emigrated across the Pacific in the 1870’s to become part of the fabric of the tapestry of the American West.”
Alan Geoffrion, Author, Writer and Producer of Emmy Award Winning story Broken Trail